About Us

The word, Genesis, according to Webster Dictionary is:  “the origin or coming in to being of something”.

At Genesis Industries, we take this to heart in everything we do.  Our focus is to bring the methodologies and techniques of successful recruiting agencies to companies and organizations who desire top tier agency recruiting support, but do not wish to engage in the historical agency relationships.  Our goal, is to bring this level of service to our clients at an internal level.

The Genesis Industries recruiting model is an elite offering to key clients across different industries.  When selecting a talent acquisition organization to assist with critical openings, one should ask the following questions:

  1. How many other firms does my agency represent within my industry vertical?
  2. How will they sell my firm/position over other clients they currently support?
  3. What is my agency doing that separates them from their competitors?
  4. Has my agency partnered with my entire firm?  Do they have the bandwidth to do so?
  5. What experience does my agency have in collaborating internally with HR and internal hires?

Genesis Industries is focused on individual industries.  Our model is to support one organization per industry niche.  Our clients will never be concerned with a “hands off” list, because we will only support the recruiting efforts of one company per niche in each industry. 

Our firm was built by third party agency recruiters who have a strong background in contingency and executive level search methodologies.  At Genesis Industries, we have taken the best of these third party agency methodologies and combined them with key HR Talent Acquisition models and created an environment and a team that HR can depend upon and that Hiring Managers have grown accustomed to relying upon from a third party perspective.

Imagine the possibilities of an agency that is paid like a team of HR Recruiters, but operates and recruits like a team of commissioned agency recruiters.  Each of our clients hire us on a quarterly, annual or multi-annual basis and with our support and assistance, here are a few examples of what our clients have been able to achieve:

  1. $1,200 cost per hire (over 50 hires at $40K+ in salary)
  2. 71 Hires in 90 Days
  3. 15% Increase in internal referral hires
  4. Agency Fee Savings of $350,000, annually
  5. 25% Increase for Time to Fill in first 6 months