Automation Technician

Minimum Qualifications:


  • Technical school certificate or diploma in a specific work-related area such as PLC or drive certifications, and a minimum of 5 years of work experience with troubleshooting control systems with the following.
    1. Identifying and correct control problems with PLCs, HMI displays, safety/operational interlocks, photo eyes, drives and servos.
    2. Using a laptop for running diagnostics of a controller including those on a network.
    3. Reading drawings such as electrical schematics, P&ID’s (control loops), and ladder logic as an aid in troubleshooting. 
  • Understand industrial networking.
  • Personal Skills:
    1. Demonstrate a high standard for following safe practices such lock-out/tag-out procedures and precautions including arc flash compliance, NFPA 70E.
    2. Ability to learn new skills quickly and apply efficiently.
    3. Capability to understand complex systems and quickly find solutions to control problems with a sense of urgency.
    4. Must be self-starter and must demonstrate the initiative to identify and solve problems. Able to work with minimal supervision.
    5. Solid verbal communication and listening skills to work effectively with various personnel in the plant such as production operators, supervisors, maintenance electricians/mechanics, and engineers. 


Preferred Qualifications:


  • Controls experience with the following:
    1. Interfacing with PC based control systems such as Ignition.
    2. Error recovery and troubleshooting for robot operations. Capability to operate teach pendant, re-teach position, and understand operation flow chart.
    3. Loading recipes and programs into controllers.
    4. Transferring drive parameters for AC or DC motor drive replacement.
    5. Running diagnostics and tune process controllers (such as temperature).
    6. Calibrating various equipment per manufacturer’s instructions such as transducers and blender fill rates.
    7. Specific training related to Allen Bradley or Siemens control & drive equipment.
    8. Evaluating and implementing preventive/predictive maintenance programs on A.C. and D.C. motors, drives and other electrical equipment.
  • Experience with automated packaging.

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