Machine Operator - Cups

Job Description/Responsibilities 

  • Consistently operates one or more machines at or above standard levels considering waste, efficiency and utilization.
  • Troubleshoot causes of machine malfunctions.  Make appropriate adjustments or repairs to ensure that the quality of the cartons meeting specifications and that the machines operate properly.
  • Conducts quality checks at regular intervals.  Takes corrective action to fix defects identified.
  • Performs minor repairs during production.
  • Performs simple make readies and changeovers.
  • Performs daily machine maintenance.
  • Performs weekly machine maintenance.
  • Communicates with the operator from the previous and following shifts to review any problems experienced on the machines throughout the department.
  • Communicates with supervisor to determine priorities for the day and identify any change overs or other special directions related to the department.
  • Communicates production information to crew members.
  • Performs purge procedures when changing to a new product and completes the required checklists.
  • Covers breaks for feeders and catcher/packers.
  • Insures that corrugated, trays and other supplies are available for catcher/packers.
  • Completes appropriate end of shift paperwork, accounting for crewing time,  machine time, and production quantities.
  • Read and understands job sheets.  Uses information to ensure machine is set up and production is run according to specification.
  • Maintains a clean and orderly work area.
  • Performs other related duties to contribute to the success of the operation as assigned by supervision.  

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