Our Process

Genesis Industries focuses on enhancing the employer brand by following best practices.  We are able to convert variable and transactional expenses in to a fixed and pre-determined cost that will enhance both budgeting and the overall cost-per-hire average.  Our process efficiencies ensure a lower cost process delivery and reduce the time taken to recruit and fill positions. 

Best Practices

  • Understanding client requirement
  • Consistent and thorough response to all applicant inquiries
  • Establishing overall organizational “fit”
  • Customized interview documents for each client and position group
  • Detailed sourcing documents and customizable approach for each role
  • Web-based Sourcing and Advertising
  • Targeting and Reaching contacts and profiles
  • Final Short-Listing of candidates
  • Scheduling and Facilitating Interviews
  • Final Selection and Offer Delivery
  • Onboarding