Sets up and operates one or more single or multiple spindle horizontal winding machines to ensure all products meets all quality and company specifications before shipment by performing the following duties:

  • Follows all plant safety policies & procedures
  • Participates in safety programs
  • Reads production schedule, work instructions, or customer specifications to determine product specifications.
  • Attaches specified chuck to spindle.
  • Moves controls and stops to set rotation speeds.
  • Lifts chuck using hoist or lift table and positions and secures it in spindle.
  • Starts machine, and moves controls to adjust positions and movements during machine operation.
  • Verifies conformance of finished product to specifications.
  • Decides on station and timing of each operation to assure efficient use of tools and time.
  • Computes such data as shipping pounds, WIP pounds, and scrap pounds.
  • Sets up changeovers for sheet width and roll widths.
  • Insures correct tools and resources are used to complete any job
  • Performs lockout procedures when required and insures procedures are followed correctly.
  • Insure proper cleaning of coater and process equipment as needed/required.
  • Insure the cleanliness of area from end of tenter to back of winders to maintain a safe and efficient work area.
  • Insures production reports are written neatly, timely, and accurately.
  • Insures roll handling and packaging is optimal and meets specifications.
  • Insure any and all defects in the sheet are reported to the operator.
  • Communicate effectively with OPS Operator.
  • Member of the production help chain.
  • Assists in PMs.
  • Operates a walkie.
  • Assists with web breaks / start ups / grinding / etc

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